Intro: Enhanced Life: A Vision of an Enhanced Life


I have been in the counseling world since I was a teenager. I was involved in support groups for kids my age, church groups for kids who needed something constructive and a safe social group, and working with my guidance counselor on strategies while reading every book he would give me on therapy.

As I grew in my education and experience, some common themes began to appear to me:

1) People by and large struggle with some very common challenges in life.

2) Many people are not aware, when asked, why they have made big (and small) decisions in their lives.

3) The perspectives that people have on the world around them vary wildly, and people do not know where their individual perspectives came from.

4) These perspectives color the quality of every single person’s life, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR LIFE IS LIKE.

5) People cannot be helped unless they want to be.

6) Small changes in many areas of life can make a huge impact.

Using the research and education I have obtained through my schooling, as well as the thousands of hours of experience that I have had working with populations ranging from Autistic Spectrum Disorders to those who suffer from schizophrenia, to depression, anxiety, medical issues, to successful business owners, clergy, law enforcement, other psychologists, and with age groups ranging from womb to tomb, and some excellent supervisors and colleagues, I have been further developing a way to lift the veil of our own perspectives (or paradigms, as I have come to call them). Pairing this with practical habit changes, I have seen a lot of positive changes in the lives of those whom I have worked with.

My vision of an enhanced life is one where people are aware of their own paradigms, and not slaves to them. My vision is a life of purpose, meaning, and positive perspectives. This world is one where everyone benefits. I have not seen one person who could not benefit from learning these tools, and I have seen the great things that can happen when people take hold of their own perspectives, own them, and grow from changing them.

I hope everyone who reads this can be a part of this vision.


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