Intro: The Writer’s Edge: Writers Making Their Own Page

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

“Words are all we have.”–Samuel Beckett

Writing is like a greasy piece of pizza. Delicious, delightful, and dreadful. But it’s worth all it takes to birth something from within you.
“The Writer’s Edge: Writers Making Their Own Page” features writers on the edge of breaking out–people who want to spew sentences and wring words from life and scream them all from the steeple tops.
While “The Writer’s Edge” begins with NEPA writers, it knows no limits on its breadth.
Know a writer near you who’s making their own space? Send word to Marcie at to help them be heard here.

Author: Marcie Herman Riebe

Marcie is a bilingual caseworker by day, a university adjunct by night, and an aspiring writer at times in between. An import to NEPA, she has been active in the arts for many years from theatre to forensics to music. Her interest in the arts continues as founder of Ink, an area writer's group, a founding member of Voce Angeli (NEPA's only all-female chamber choir), a contributor to Project Wednesday, and as a columnist for Thirty-Third Wheel. She loves all things Pittsburgh, particularly the University of Pittsburgh where she earned her Master of Arts in Linguistics. She lives in Scranton with her handsome husband, Pete, and their horde of cats: Napoleon, Gimli, King Ajax, Sam, and Dean.

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