Finally Moving

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Today’s featured song is “Finally Moving” by Pretty Lights on the album, Taking up Your Precious Time.


“No one could give your life back: You have to take it back.”—Matthew Murdock

It is my time to start a new. People say Fall is the death of things when I believe it is the beginning.  I believe there are no coincidences: there is a reason for everything. Right after I made my last post, I got a phone call about a job opportunity, something bigger, something that will alter me forever. I will be teaching in the way I want. If I no longer have this job, it will not destroy who I am. I know this is my path that I have written.

No matter what, I cannot go back.

I am “finally moving” forward.

One of my Psychology students told me his goal was “to be a better writer.” It shouldn’t be surprising, but I never heard a Psych student come out and clearly say that before. It almost seemed like I was meant to be there.

He said he looked back on his writing over the years and said how he has improved. It made me think about my writing and how I need to send it to publications, how I improved over time, how I need to write an ending to the sixty-page novel I started. Most importantly, I need to stop letting people tell me who I am and what I cannot do. I will persevere.

Maybe I am just imagining things, but do you ever feel like everything sucks and then all of the sudden something goes right? Or just life changes so much in so little time that you don’t think twice if you made the right decisions? Or you just don’t care?

I have been telling myself this mantra lately:


I will focus on the present, not the past or future.

I will no longer hold on to anger, but channel it into healing and gaining strength.

I will no longer think of cannot be, but of what I can make it become.


You may not be physically moving somewhere, but you can mentally move somewhere else. Maybe going somewhere else can help you “move on,” but you can be open to the experiences that come with it, to literally see the bigger picture. I may not be ready to physically leave, but I know I can if I have to. I had to leave a lot of things behind, but for the better.

You can, too. Have faith.


Yours truly,


A. Dawn


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Author: Ali Pica

I am an avid writer and eclectic artist. I have spent years harnessing my skills of observation in my writing and embellish the ordinary in my work. I created my blog to share my unusual and interesting experiences with the world, to inspire people, or simply to make them laugh.

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