Bloodsucking B!#%&$: Vampires, Girls, and Vampire Girls

me vampire 2011
Our former teenage vampire, Marnie Azzarelli

Introduction: I was a Teenage Vampire

We all go through phases as teenagers. Some of us go crazy over romance, some of us try desperately to follow the crowd, and some of us get really, REALLY into horses. But some of us shy away from the norm, lurk in the shadows, wear black eyeshadow, and feel like no one understands us. I’m talking about Emos, and you bet your studded, checkered belt that I was (and still a little bit am) one. Not only was My Chemical Romance my all-time favorite band, but year round I wore a huge Jack Skellington hoodie, ripped jeans with fishnets underneath, straightened the ever living hell out of my curly hair, and wore enough black eye liner that I’m pretty sure I kept Wet N Wild in business through the mid 2000’s.


Besides writing sad poetry about things that I didn’t really understand, and lamenting the fact that my mom wouldn’t let me dye my already dark hair black, there was a distinct creature that took up basically all of my attention and obsession: vampires. Yes, I was a Twilighter (because I hate the nickname “Twihard”) and was instrumental in spreading the book (that I lost all of my social life to) through my high school when the craze first started. I spent hours writing stories based off of the series, listening to the same songs Stephanie Meyers listened to when she wrote the books (Blue October’s Foiled is still a go to album for me), spent more of my time on message boards (yes, message boards) on the Twilight fansite, arguing with people over who should play what character when the movie was finally made, and spent the rest of my time watching fanmade Youtube videos of mashed together clips from different movies and drooling over fanart masterpieces that I still think about to this day. This was all before the movie came out and my room was legitimately covered in any poster of Robert Pattinson that I could covet, which still exist along with similar merchandise in a heavy rubber bin in my garage.


To put it simply, I was obsessed. While, I look back now and laugh at all the passion I had over a not-that-great book series, I also think of all the other books, movies, lore, and TV series that Twilight opened me up to and solidified my love for fanged, blood loving creatures.


When I was 18, I got my third tattoo, which is a set of lips with vampire fangs and the words “show me your teeth” written around them, placed (very visibly) on my chest. Not only was it a mark of a phase that was quickly coming to an end as I entered my first year of college, but it became a nostalgic reminder that to this day I still find vampires to be the most fascinating creatures ever, especially when it comes to the girls who fell in love with them (or didn’t), or the girls who became monstrous vampires themselves.

Me vamp tat


That is why I want to split this series up in parts. I’ve got a solid 10 years of myths and stories whirling around in my brain, and I can’t wait to release my inner 15- year-old, vamp loving self onto the masses. So if you want a Halloween that’s a little bloodier (and more woman friendly) than normal, please stay tuned for the rest of the “Bloodsucking B!#%&$” series, and remember that not all phases are truly over, especially when they’re meant to be immortal.


Author: Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli's short horror work has appeared in multiple publications including magazines like "The Mad Scientist Journal," and anthologies like “My American Nightmare.” She has co-authored two regional history books with Arcadia/The History Press, and co-wrote “The Bristol” an original play that was performed at the Olde Brick Theatre and nominated for a NEPTA award in 2017. She holds a B.A. in English from Marywood University with minors in Writing and Women’s Studies. In 2014, she was awarded the J. Harold Brislin Award for Distinction in Creative Writing. In her spare time, Azzarelli likes to read scary stories before going to bed, and pretending to be other people onstage. She currently lives with three cats, two parents, and one dog in Scranton, Pennsylvania. You can find her on Facebook @marnieazzarelli and on Twitter @LoseYourHeart

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