Hitting the Snooze Button on Life

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Have you ever felt so indelibly meh? If you were a color, it would be the lamest shade of khaki. Even worse when a part of you would like to be Gucci, but let’s face it, you’re an LL Bean knock off. Or you’re a movie with no plot. Like, yeah I’m technically here, but don’t expect any effort or coherence.

I am a career procrastinator. I am not proud of this, and do realize the double meaning, as I have also been procrastinating on a career itself. But that’s another blog post! I love tools such as Evernote and Outlook reminders, but I am quite guilty of rescheduling them, often multiple times. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see that “two weeks overdue” note. But, there’s always tomorrow! No, that’s just a terrible Gloria Estefan song, and tomorrow is no guarantee, technically. Oh, it’s also a Barbara Stanwyck…

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Author: zelumia

Too eclectic for my own good, and full o' the sass.

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