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Ali Pica

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Ali Pica is the creator and editor of Thirty-Third Wheel. She performed numerous readings, sometimes accompanied by local musicians, throughout Northeast, Pennsylvania and New York City. Her passion lies in refining her gift as a writer and sharing that gift with others. Consequently, Ali has a masters degree in teaching and is certified in English Language Arts education. Also, she has a bachelors and a masters degree in Psychology. Ali currently resides in Scranton, PA and has a penchant for live music, photography, and gluten-free baking.

Ali currently writes the “Spin Me Round, Ennui” and “Gluten: My Old Frenemy” columns on our site.

Marcie Herman Riebe


Marcie Herman Riebe is a NEPA transplant originally from central Pennsylvania. She has a Master of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh that she uses as an adjunct English instructor at Wilkes University and for her full-time job working as a bilingual case worker for the Commonwealth. She is a writing contributor for Project Wednesday (a human development and positivity blog), a founding member of Voce Angeli (NEPA’s only all-female chamber choir), a newer member of the Diva Theatre family in Scranton, and founder of Ink Writers’ Group. She sometimes even gets to watch movies, read, or play games with her husband, Pete, and snuggle their cats: Napoleon, Gimli, King Ajax, Sam and Dean.

Marcie currently writes the columns, “The Writer’s Edge: Writers Making Their Own Page” and “All About Drama.”

Marnie Azzarelli


Marnie Azzarelli’s short work has appeared in Clever Girl magazine, the Mad Scientist Journal, and will be a part of Volume five of “The Spectral Book of Horrors” and “My American Nightmare” on Halloween 2017. She has co-authored a book entitled “Labor Unrest in Scranton,” that was published in 2016, and co-wrote “The Bristol” an original play that was performed at the Olde Brick Theatre and nominated for a NEPTA award in 2017. She holds a B.A. in English from Marywood University with minors in Writing and Women’s Studies. In 2014, she was awarded the J. Harold Brislin Award for Distinction in Creative Writing. In her spare time, Azzarelli likes to read scary stories right before going to bed, and live-tweeting during shows that stress her out. She currently lives with two cats, two parents, and one dog in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Marnie currently is a regular contributor for our site, including her fiction in our column,”The Obsequious Pen.”

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