15 Seconds of Art: Ali Pica

Photography by atominherheart

Ali Pica is A. Dawn Pica’s alter ego as an amateur photographer.  Ali enjoys taking photos of interesting objects, capturing architecture in a certain light, bright fluid colors, and blips of the seemingly ordinary.  Ali Pica can be found at atominherheart and thirtythirdwheel on Instagram.

A. Dawn will continue to refer to herself in third person and post her photos until someone stops the madness.  Submit your photos:  Message A. Dawn on our Instagram page or e-mail: adawnpica.ttw@gmail.com with your attachments.  While you are at it, check out our Facebook page, too.



Intro: Love Lies Within: A Guide to Personal Growth

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

My life is a constant exercise in learning. I grow, I get scared, I wait, and I grow again. All lessons become opportunities for growth. On a daily basis, I make a choice between Love or Fear; Forgiveness or Guilt; Peace or Conflict. This column will be some of my deepest lessons, most profound realizations, and most loving connections with others. I burgeon self-development through hugging, writing, reading, and talking with others. Join me for the ride of your Life. ♥

Intro: 15 Seconds of Art

Painting by atominherheart

“15 Seconds of Art” is our column to showcase our contributors’ works via Instagram. The name is a play on 15 minutes of fame and it takes you about 15 seconds to take/edit/post a selfie on Instagram. You can find the artists’ works on our column, 15 Seconds of Art, our Facebook page, or directly on Instagram: thirtythirdwheel

If you would like to contribute your Instagram artwork, please contact A. Dawn Pica: adawnpica.ttw@gmail.com, subject: “15 Seconds of Art” Submission or send an Instagram message to thirtythirdwheel with your attachments.

Intro: Spin Me Round, Ennui

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

“Spin Me Round, Ennui” is a quasi self-help column that covers everyday topics with the addition of a “soundtrack.”  I believe music is healing:  it gets you through tough times, entertains you on long car rides up and down the East Coast, inspires you to create stories, puts your baby (or fur baby) to sleep, makes you dance, fills the awkward silence…and ennui—is the feeling of going in circles, without purpose. Maybe that’s okay?  If we’re not going anywhere, we may as enjoy where we are and hit “Shuffle Play.”

If you would like to suggest topics and/or music, e-mail A.Dawn at: adawnpica.ttw@gmail.com or find us on Spotify at: thirtythirdwheel