Submit to “15 Seconds of Art”

Drawing by Tammy Winters

If you would like to submit your art to our column,  “15 Seconds of Art,” read the following guidelines:

  • Clear photos of your artwork (up to 10 photos)
  • Art work can include a wide array of mediums (e.g. paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, jewelry, lamps, graphic design)
  • Link to professional or personal Instagram page (we will link your page to your work) to promote your work on Instagram

We have the right to reject submissions if material is deemed offensive and/or of poor quality.

If you have not submitted to Thirty-Third Wheel before, we ask you to compose a paragraph to be attached with your submission (though not required). The purpose of this is to promote yourself, your art, and allow readers to get to know you better. The following paragraph should include:

  • Description of your art exhibits, past or future (if any)
  • Links to any upcoming exhibit events
  • Education, experience, inspiration, links to your professional pages, and essentially anything you would like readers to know about yourself related to your art

Thank you for taking interest in our site.

Feel free to submit and contact me for more information at:

Instagram:  thirtythirdwheel


Ali Pica

Creator/Editor of Thirty-Third Wheel