15 Seconds of Art: Ali’s First Day of Summer

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Photography by Ali Pica

Dive in into my first day of Summer on the streets of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am inspired by nature, architecture, and the simple random things in life. Check out my work on Instagram: thirtythirdwheel

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Photography by Ali Pica

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15 Seconds of Art: Ingrid Martinique

ingrid bio
Photography by Ingrid Martinique

Our featured artist this week is Ingrid Martinique and this is her bio:

I am Portuguese and Brazilian, which means everything to me. I am very lucky that my dad is a brilliant artist (oil painter and photographer) and my mom writes and plays music—I will never be as good as them, but at least the genes passed down a tiny bit or so I hope. When not photographing, I am practicing cello and writing songs for my band, Vulgarity, writing poetry, and planning my next adventure…adventure is like my religion! Iceland is next on the list. I had health problems and numerous surgeries for a long, long time, so I am ultra-ready, now that I am finally healing. I am ready for travel, doing daring things, meeting new people, and for a beautiful, huge romance that I can feel is right around the corner, whoever the guy may be.

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